One More Look In the Rear View Mirror


Two weeks have passed since I enjoyed our awards breakfast at Pier Wisconsin, a great facility set in a beautiful
location overlooking Lake Michigan.  The occasion was a celebration for a job well done by hundreds of
my fellow agents at First Weber here in Southeast Wisconsin.  As I watched and admired the sincere
congratulatory comments shared among the crowd to each other, I couldn’t help but reflect back to what
has been nearly three of the most challenging years our country’s economy has ever experienced.  The
Housing Industry has suffered the brunt of these challenges, what with high unemployment, bank
closures, lending malpractice, short sales, and escalating foreclosures.  Yet, there we were,
celebrating performances of agents who did much better that the previous year.  Some agents who
experienced their best year ever.  Some agents who equaled their prior year, and some agents who did
everything right, but couldn’t achieve last year.

Regardless of which category each agent experienced, there were the common threads of performance
that brought everyone together that morning to celebrate.  The common threads were a positive attitude,
a great work ethic, willingness to embrace new ideas and all of the wonderful technology made
available, and an uncompromising level of integrity.  The attitude was "if we can survive, and in some
cases, flourish in this economy, imagine what is ahead for us when things get better".  One couldn’t
help but to leave that breakfast and know that our company is in great position to excel as the economy
recovers.We have the people who possess the experience, attitude, knowledge, and integrity to
make it happen!  You have to smile when you put your eyes back on the road and see what’s ahead!


Leo Fitzgerald General Sales Manager, Brookfield Office

Thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog.  A positive attuitude makes all the difference!

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