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At a recent sales meeting, I asked the agents in my office why they had started a career in real estate.  Here were their answers:

-The flexibility of the career allows them to balance work and family.

-They are their own CEO, therefore they can earn their own raise.

-It is a career that is ever-changing and provides professional and personal growth constantly.

-It involves so many facets, and you wear many hats such as consultant, creative marketing, psychologist, teacher, so that you never get bored with your job.

-They love creating new relationships with people through the process of working with buyers and sellers.

-They are able to use their creativity whether it is for marketing a home or in negotiating the sale of a home.


Hearing their answers made me so proud of them because of the people that they are.  They teach, listen, consult, and truly care about the people they work with. No one said it was about money or homes!

If you have ever contemplated a career in real estate, the answers they gave may entice you to take the step.  Being your own CEO does sound kind of nice, doesn’t it?  

~ Suzanne


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