14,000 homes are sold each day. Price right to make your home one of them!

Moving stacy and Brian.

Negative news in the media regarding home sales may make people think that homes are NOT selling.  That is not true – almost 14,000 homes are sold each day.  According to the National Association of Realtors Existing Sales Report last month, homes were selling at an annual rate of 5.10 million.  Divide that by 365 days a year and it amounts to almost 14,000 homes sold each day. Those sales are at a higher rate than the last time we had a post like this when 10,000 homes were selling a day.  Read more from the KCM Blog.

Will yours be one of them? It depends.  Your Wisconsin property for sale must be clean, staged, decluttered and most of all, priced to sell. If you want to sell and move on, you’ll have to price it so that it beats your competition.  Remember, you may sell for less than you hoped, but you can also buy more house for less than you may have expected, too.  

For help pricing your house, have a serious sit-down your agent or visit firstweber.com to see sold property data in Wisconsin.  For those in South Central and Metro Milwaukee areas, you can do that search without a log in at firstweber.com.  For other areas in Wisconsin, MLS rules require sold data to be behind a log-in. You can create a free MyFirst Weber account at firstweber.com.

Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog about how to price your house right to sell. We hope you will be loading that moving van soon.

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