Madison, WI in top 3 places for Young Professionals.

Want to live in a lively, progressive place near lakes, academia and the arts – in a place which offers a better than average prospect of employment for young professionals such as yourself? Consider Madison, Wisconsin which was named in the top 3 cities for young professionals by Forbes.

Nationally, unemployment numbers are around 9%. Unemployment in Wisconsin is lower than the national average, coming it at around 7% and Madison alone comes in just above 5% unemployment as of May, 2011.  New college graduates are facing much competition for fewer jobs – best to go where the chances of employment are higher than average.

Forbes defines "young professionals" as those aged 24-34 with Bachelor’s Degrees. They ranked the top 100 U.S. Metropolitain areas and assessed the cities on several factors some of which are listed below:

  • local unemployment rates and job growth predictions
  • the number of small and large businesses in the city per capita
  • median salary
  • cost of living index

The top  cities are:

1. Des Moines, Iowa

2. Raleigh, North Carolina

3. Madison, Wisconsin

4. Salt Lake City, Utah

5. Omaha, Nebraska

6. Portland, Maine

7. Denver, Colorado

8. Colorado Springs, Colorado

9. Washington DC

10. Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota

11. Austin, Texas

12. Boston, Massachusetts

13. Greenvile, South Carolina

14. Little Rock, Arkansas

15. Fairfield, Connecticut

If you are looking for a great place for a young professional to settle down, take a look at this list and consider Madison, WI.  Here is some additional information on living in Madison, other reasons to live in Madison and, of course, real estate for sale in Madison. You have a lot to choose from: affordable ranches and bungalows, multi-family or duplexes which would help pay your mortgage or condominiums priced from the $50,000’s on up to over a million, in case you land that job of a lifetime…

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