Economists say: Not a sign of double dip recession

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These are interesting and challenging times.  Almost everyday, there’s a new twist tweaking the economy.  However, two Madison economists say the recent stock market plunge is not a sign of a double dip recession.  Typical recession signs such as a jump in unemployment are not there, according to the article which you can read here.  

Real estate, like stocks, is a long term investment that experiences ups and downs – but has typically been safe and certainly less volatile than the stock market.  Some may consider this an opportune time to get out of the stock market and into the real estate market – a window of opportunity.  If you want to see what your money can buy today in Wisconsin real estate, you can see what’s for sale at If not a residential property for yourself, maybe consider an investment property you can rent out. 

People buy stocks for investment alone. People buy real estate for numerous reasons, some non-financial. Here are some thoughts and stats on homeownership from the KCM Blog:

– 2/3 of Americans believe the lifestyle benefits of homeownership outweigh the financial benefits.

– 64% consider buying a home to be a safe investment. Safer than stocks by over 3 times the number of people (only 17% believed stocks to be a safe investment)

– Owning a home allows you freedom to design your own surroundings

– Owning a house in your neighborhood of choice provides safe shelter

– Owning a house involves people in their communities more than renting does. Read the Homeownership matters report from the NAR here.

Which do you think is a safer investment – stocks or real estate? Let us know in the comments.


Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog. Madison economists say no double dip recession – but could it be time to get into the real estate market rather than stocks?

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