Homeowning: Generation X and Y are positive towards housing

November 7, 2011

There’s been some talk of future generations being less likely to buy a home because of the recent real estate downturn (which ironically has created a huge buying opportunity).  If that were to occur, it could have an negative effect on a person’s future net worth as homeowning has been a way to build wealth. But a third quarter 2011 National Housing Survey by Fannie Mae shows that Generation X (born mid 60s to mid 70s) and Generation Y (born mid 70s to mid 90s) have strong beliefs in homeowning – even higher than that of the general population.

Thanks to the KCM blog for digging the statistics below out of the whole Fannie Mae report and creating a blog post on it. Here is an excerpt from that post.

Percentage believing in the reasons to own a home below:

1. It is a good place to raise children and provide them with a good education

– Generation Y 84%

– Generation X 81%

– General population 80%

2. You have a physical structure where you and your family feel safe

– Generation Y 77%

– Generation X 79%

– General population 76%

3. It allows you to have more space for your family

– Generation Y 76%

– Generation X 77%

– General population 73%

How about homeowning as an investment?

– Generation Y 70%

– Generation X 66%

– General population 64%

See this infographic also from the KCM Blog about real estate as an investment.

Photo Source & credit: KCM Blog


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