Around the home: Fireplaces, dual purposes and kitchen trends

April 10, 2012

Home design is a piece of cake for some and real difficult for others.  This week, we’ll share links to three articles that offer some home design and decorating tips.


Smart Home Design

Sometimes simplifying can be best, where an object or even a room can serve more than one purpose with some smart design.  This Houzz post on smart design offers great pictures of simple designs that serve more than one purpose. Examples include a desk/nightstand; driveway and  attractive patio; firepit and table and more.


Fireplaces are a desirable feature for a home to have. Some homes even have decorative non-operational fireplaces either by design or because it is an older home with numerous fireplaces previously used for heating. Whether operational or not, fireplaces can be a focal point and here are some ideas for jazzing up a fireplace that is not in use.


The heart of the home and an important feature when selling your home. Here are some kitchen design trends to keep an eye on if you are thinking of redoing your kitchen or just want to change a things or two before selling. Restaurant style appliances are hot as well as large, easy glide drawers.


We hope you found these links useful. Here are additional around the home tips.  Homeowning allows the joy of decorating in your own style as well as the freedom (or responsibility) to make major home improvements that need to be done by necessity to protect the home value.  If you are in need of home related services and need a qualified vendor, please check out First Weber’s Concierge Desk for prescreened vendors in your area.  For Wisconsin real estate buying and selling, please visit Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog.

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