What are homes selling for in your area of Wisconsin?

November 5, 2012

British housing market going down


Wisconsin’s home sales numbers and prices have been strong this fall, a welcome sign to see.

What about in your town, your street or your zip code? 

What about that house across the street that sold earlier this year?

What about that house you liked and looked at, and now it is sold?

Knowing how to access data on homes that have sold in Wisconsin could provide you with valuable information. You can do sold searches for your Wisconsin zip code, city or street at firstweber.com


Please note this service is available for all areas of Wisconsin First Weber covers, however, some MLS rules require a log-in in order to access the information – that is a free and easy process.   For those of you who would like to search sold property information in the Metro Milwaukee area or the South Central Wisconsin area, no registration is required. Other areas like Northwoods, Northeast and Central Wisconsin need to create a My First Weber Account per MLS rules.

We encourage you to give it a try whether or not you need to register.  You may find some very interesting information on home sale prices in Wisconsin which can be useful to you if you are thinking of selling or are currently in the process of buying a house in Wisconsin.


You may be surprised at some of the sold prices.  But if you search for what is currently available for sale in Wisconsin at firstweber.com, you may be surprised at those home buying opportunities, too.



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