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Recently, I had a lady tour my website and fill out a form which said:

“To be honest, I have no current plans to buy, just like to look and dream!”

That started me thinking about real estate and how it’s uniquely tied to virtually everyone’s dreams. Whether we’re looking for a New York apartment with an additional one hundred square feet or a thousand acres of prime hunting land, nearly everyone has a “real estate dream”.

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Great article by Jay Frazier about real estate dreams and how they can change over the course of time. Sometimes it also takes a very long time to find the right property.    And he is so right when he says this:

“The great thing about real estate is that when your dream property no longer fits your needs, it is still someone else’s perfect place. I’ve found over the years that no matter how many buyers turn up their noses at a property, there will always be someone that simply loves it! Also, unlike your 10 year old car that was the must-have when you bought it but is worth little today, real estate remains a great investment.”

Be sure to read the whole article on Jay Frazier’s Southwest Wisconsin real estate site.

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