April Metro Milwaukee home sales continue upward climb, yet normalizing

A stable market is a very good thing

For many months we have been reporting double digit growth in Wisconsin real estate sales.  We needed that!  As we are now on a 20+ month stretch of such increases, things are bound to normalize – just a 2.3% increase in the Metro Milwaukee area for this April’s sales compared to last year.  That’s not bad news! A stable market is a very good thing.


Inventory problem

For years we had an inventory problem: too much of it. Quickly, that has turned around and the law of supply and demand is kicking in as we have reports of multiple offer situations putting upward pressure on home prices.


Milwaukee County home sales

April 2013: 869 vs April 2012: 910. A 4.5% decrease in Milwaukee County home sales.


Waukesha County home sales

April 2013: 434 vs April 2012: 410. A 5.9% increase in Waukesha County home sales.


Ozaukee County home sales

April 2013: 108 vs April 2012: 103. A 4.9% increase in Ozaukee County home sales.


Washington County home sales

April 2013: 165 vs April 2012: 118. A 39.8% increase in Washington County home sales.


 Racine County home sales

April 2013: 188 vs April 2012: 159. An 18.2% increase in Racine County home sales.

It is time to get your home on the market.  One of our agents did a great post: for buyers, spring is RIGHT NOW.  See real estate for sale all over Wisconsin at firstweber.com.  Now could be the best time to list and maybe move up.  Interest rates remain great.

Photo credit photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/horiavarlan/4519955517/

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