For First Weber agents: Matthew Ferrara social network 5 minute video

January 8, 2014


Available free for one week from Matthew Ferrara is this 5 minute video about the major social networks. For the most part, he discusses Facebook and Linkedin.  (Find First Weber on Facebook and First Weber on Linkedin)

I wish he had added a bit about pinterest – VERY VISUAL – people use it as a bookmark style site to save what they love or like for future reference. VISUALS are big attention getters. Here is First Weber’s corporate account on pinterest. Follow our boards! Pin your listings, especially individual photos for living rooms, kitchen etc.

Also, google+:

It is like talking to google about what YOU are all about to help you get found in search engines. Here is a presentation on why google+ should matter to you if you want google to serve up search results about your interests. What you post there is indexed into the search engine quickly. Here is First Weber on Google+

Real life google+ example: Nancy K. Smith posted a chamber video about Mineral Point to her google+ page one morning. Later that day, I did a google search for Mineral Point WI and her google+ video post came up on PAGE ONE of the google results for that search term.  Same day.

His point about selecting a few or ones that are a good fit for you is very true.

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