Around the Home Tips from First Weber: Organize!

June 10, 2014

Organize to save space and make your home appear more spacious

An organized home appears more serene and more spacious. Everything has its place and is put away rather than sitting on the floors, in a pile on the counters or being stuffed in a closet.  Every homeowner, especially those selling their home, should think about organizing their home because storage is often very important to home buyers, as is a home that is neat and uncluttered.  Here are some great tips for organizing your home including space saver tips or just giving everything a place, sometimes in a unique way.


Repurpose Mason Jars

Do you have a bunch of mason jars from home made food gifts like jams and jellies and do not know what to do with them?  They make great glasses, candle holders and even storage for small items like screws.  Check out this article for ideas to make your home look great and be more organized, all while repurposing something that was sitting around your house.


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