Which home DIY improvements do realtors recommend?

September 1, 2015

According to a homegain survey of 500 real estate agents across the county, the most recommended do-it-yourself home improvement projects in the minds of the agents are the following:


1. Clean and declutter. 99% recommended

Wash and clean all areas of the home, remove clutter from walls and countertops, organize closets.

2. Lighten and brighten. 96% recommended

Clean windows inside and out, update light fixtures, change out window treatments with something light or bright. When showing, turn lights on and open all drapes or treatments.

3. Repair minor electrical and minor plumbing issues. 93% recommended

Fix any leaky faucets or pipes, clean light switch plates or replace, update light fixtures

4. Spruce up your landscaping. 97% recommended

Place fresh mulch in landscape beds, trim shrubs and tree branches, add planters of seasonal plants or flowers, hire a lawn service to keep up with the grass or leaf clean up when the home is on the market.

5. Stage the home. 76% recommended

Update the home’s decor in a style appealing to many people. Use neutral colors, adding color with rugs , pillows and throws. Remove any collections and/or abundance of personal photos.

6. Clean the carpets. 99% recommended

7. Repair flooring. 93% recommended

A squeeky floor is annoying but easily fixed. Take the time. Refinish hardwood floors if necessary. Wash and polish other flooring. Replace it if needed.

8. Paint interior walls. 94% recommended

Paint is inexpensive and excellent to give a home a fresh and clean look. Stay neutral with your choices.

9. Minor updates to kitchen and baths. 70%recommended

New countertops, hardware, faucets plus new small appliances or fresh towels or updated lighting can do wonders to update these rooms.

10. Paint the exterior of the home, if applicable. 79% recommended

If not, paint or replace the front door, the first thing buyers will see upon entering your home.


Preparing a home for sales can be a bit of work and involve some investment of time and money. Yet, it is so worth it. Buyers, no matter what type of market we are experiencing, want to be welcomed into a clean, uncluttered home that feels well taken care of. You can do it!

For other suggestions, please contact your local First Weber agent. We’ve got real estate offices all over Wisconsin and our experienced agents can be advice based on your home, the area, and your competition. Take it from them – it’s what they do every day.


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