Before you use the fireplace as cold weather sets in, read this

October 5, 2015

Fireplaces, both wood burning and gas, add a special kind of warmth to a home – so much that a fireplace is often on home buyer’s must-have lists.   They do, however, require some maintenance or care to remain safe.

Professional inspection

This is a safe bet for all fireplaces. A professional inspector will check the firebox, chimney, connections,  flue and cap and make any recommendations or repairs.


Keep area clear

Reduce risk by keeping books, magazines, kindling, and paper away from the fireplace opening.


Use a screen or doors

Especially when the fire is just getting started, be sure to close the glass doors or use a screen to prevent any popping and crackling from popping on out onto your flooring


Cleaning wood burning fireplaces

They are beautiful, cozy and smell good, but a woodburning fireplace can be messy. Be sure to clean out the ashes after a few fires have been lit. Remember to place them in a metal receptacle.  Let the receptacle sit outside for a few days before dumping into a trash can.  Embers can smolder for days. This has been the cause of numerous fires.


The Flue

This has probably happened to everyone at least once. Unless you want a house full of smoke, remember to open the flue.


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