10 steps to prepare your home for sale

July 21, 2016

Below are 10 quick tips to prepare your home for sale

1. First Impressions matter

Don’t underestimate first impressions.  Make your home appealing from the curb so people don’t drive by and never come back: Well-kept lawn, flowers, trimmed shrubs, attractive front door.

2. Welcoming entryways

Make the entry to your home spacious. Remove any clutter from the place buyers will first experience your home.

3. Remove personal items

Remove personal items that would distract a buyer from seeing themselves living in your home: the family photos, the odd collections, bold artwork

4. Little repairs & fixes matter

Fix that leaky faucet, the squeaky floor and door, that broken tile. Details matter.

5. Small updates count

Small updates can make a difference. New handles on cabinetry can provide an updated look, or add some new light fixtures.

6. Consider hardwood flooring

Rather than replace worn or outdated carpet, spend wisely to install hardwood floors

7. Light and bright

Add a little brightness by displaying colorful new bathroom towels, throw pillows or by using brighter light bulbs.

8. Fresh paint


10. Clear out the closets and storage areas. Remove items to make the space appear larger and organize. People love closets and storage – make the most of yours.



Still not sold?

If your Wisconsin property is not selling, sit down with your sales associate to look at your competition. Is a price adjustment needed? Which homes have sold while yours is still waiting for an offer? Take another look around your home and think like a buyer. Maybe some of these tips could make a difference for you and help present your property at its best. 


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