4 reasons to buy a home in 2017

January 3, 2017

4 reasons to buy a home in 2017

Interest rates are low.

Potential homebuyers might not know just how good they have got it right now.  Homeowners in years past DO know, even spending money to refinance to today’s rates.  It is amazing what a low rate can do to help with affording more home – not to mention the long-term savings.  While no-one can predict where rates will go, they have been on a slow rise.

Jobs are stable

The economy is in a positive place. Consumer confidence is high.

Prices are rising

Prices and sales in Wisconsin have been steadily rising for the past several years. You can still get into a home in Wisconsin affordably. And buying when prices are rising is a safer feeling than buying in a recession – even though the prices may have been lower in the past five years.

Rents are rising

Have you seen an increase in your housing costs the past several years? That trend shows no sign of slowing. With a fixed rate mortgage, your house payments fluctuate very little. Plus, every payment you make is paying off YOUR debt. You rent payment goes nowhere but to the landlord.


Want to get started?

  • 1. Find out what you can afford

Talk to a loan officer in Wisconsin. Get preapproved.  That way, you are ready to pounce when you see the right home – confident you will qualify to borrow the money needed to purchase it.

Talk to friends and family.  Do some searches at FirstWeber.com. Interview a few. Do you want a Buyer Representative? You can learn about buyer agency here.

  • Search and view properties until you find the ONE.

For the most accurate listing data on homes for sale in Wisconsin, it is best to start with a local real estate website or locally produced app that has control over their own updates.  For example, firstweber.com and our free real estate apps are updated several times a day through hourly local feeds from MLS systems across Wisconsin. Changes and updates are faster and controlled locally.  The same holds true for all our agent websites. Up. To. Date. That equals better real estate results for the person searching for real estate for sale in Wisconsin.

NOTE: New versions of our app are available. You’ll love the excellent search experience!

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