January home to-do list

January 5, 2017
Anyone who lives in Wisconsin knows the cold and snow make life a bit more difficult in January.  Shoveling, bundling up, dealing with boots, hats and scarves to stay warm…   Your home needs special attention, too.  Take the down time you will have staying indoors to tackle some of these projects to keep your home in tip-top shape in the cold weather.
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Protect your pipes
A broken pipe causes big damage. Take precautions by insulating any exposed pipes, run a trickle of water in the sink, keep the heat up if you are gone for extended periods of time.  You should also know where your home’s shut-off valve is.

Prevent ice dams
Remove snow buildup from the edge of your roof line after large snowfalls. Ice dams are caused when snow and ice build up on your roof, then back up when they melt.  Water running down your interior walls can be avoided with some care.

Knock heavy snow off shrubs and bushes
You know those heavy snowfalls well. The ones where heavy, wet snow looks so pretty in the trees… Go out and shake what you can off to prevent splitting.  If you notice any limbs that look too close to the house during snowfalls, make a note to get those trimmed in the future.
Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
We spend a lot more time inside during January – using more heat and possibly having fires in the fireplace. Now more than ever you need to make sure these are working.

Clean out the pantry
Start the new year fresh with a clean pantry. Go through and discard any expired food & organize.

Stuck inside? Start a decluttering project like going through your closets. Haven’t worn that dress in a year? Consider giving it away.  You’ll be happy with the amount of space you can create by simply getting rid of what you no longer need or use.

Cozy up your space
Make the cold winter days and nights a little more pleasant with warm blankets and cozy pillows.

Wrap up the holiday decorations
Not as fun as putting them up, that’s for sure. Take the time to put things away neatly so you don’t have a total mess next holiday. Look for seasonal sales to store holiday decor and think about giving away some of your holiday decor if you’ve accumulated too much over the years.
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