Top home improvement projects with highest ROI

January 10, 2017

Put your money to good use when improving your home – to prepare to sell or not – with these projects with the highest return on investment (ROI). Home renovations can be very expensive so it is wise to keep resale value in mind.

New entry door

The face of your home… improving your door is easy, not that expensive, provides a new fresh look and pays off big with 90-100% ROI


Installing a fireplace

A fireplace is something that many buyers long for in a home. Adding one adds value, atmosphere, and warmth. Estimated ROI 91%


Replacing exterior siding

Not a very exciting project but it goes very far in putting a fresh and updated look to your home. Nothing speaks “expense” to a buyer like a house that needs painting or residing. Estimated ROI 80%


Replace garage door

Sometimes these face the street and are very noticeable and sometimes not.  Either way, garage doors are an integral part of our daily lives and ones that works well and looks great will add value. Estimated ROI 90%


Adding attic insulation

Another not-so-exciting one.  However, this improvement can get a return on investment of up to 116% in addition to saving energy costs on an ongoing basis. Because this improvement is not readily visible, make sure you let buyers know about it when you sell your home.


Often, the items that return the most are not the big-ticket items like luxury kitchen and baths.  It is hard to re-coup costs of adding a $25,000 bathroom or a $50,000 kitchen remodel.  But, a $1200 shiny new efficient entry door or $1600 new garage door pay off big in making your home seem brand new with a lower cost that is easier to recoup upon selling.


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