Kitchens sell houses. Here’s how people are upgrading and what they’ll spend.

February 9, 2017

Kitchens sell houses. Here’s how people are upgrading and what they’ll spend, according to a survey of more than 2,700 Houzz site users who are homeowners currently remodeling their kitchen (or who are planning to do so in the next 3 months or have recently completed one.)  Read through the bulleted recap below or scroll through the slideshow using the small white arrows.






What are popular kitchen remodeling budgets?

26% of respondents plan to spend $25,001-$50,000

Only 9% spend less than $5,000

11% spend $75,00 -$100,000 and up


What was the event that triggered the remodel?

43% just couldn’t stand their kitchen anymore

40% have been saving and finally have the money to start

28% recently bought the home and plan to make changes


What kitchen features are most commonly upgraded?

Not the cabinets which suggest they are trying to create a new look by changing several less expensive things first.

95% of the respondents are changing the countertops

90% are replacing the backsplash

88% are replacing the sink/faucets

84% are changing the light fixtures

81% are replacing the cabinets


What style kitchen remodel is the most popular in this survey?

22% Contemporary

16% Transitional

13% Traditional

13% Modern

10% Farmhouse

7% Craftsman


What are the most popular cabinet colors in the survey?

White cabinets remain the most popular choice.

42% chose white cabinets

16% chose medium-dark wood cabinets

8% chose gray

7% chose light wood cabinets

6% chose multi-colored/two-tone


What are the most popular countertop choices in the survey?

As expected, granite is now chased by Quartz.

41% Granite

40% Engineered Quartz

9% Butcher Block

6% Quartzite

5% Marble

4% Laminate

4% Soapstone

3% Solid Surface

2% Concrete


Popular organization features being added in the remodels include:

64% Recycling area/pull out waste storage

53% Cookie Sheet/tray organization

48% Lasy Susan

41% Spice cabinet

24% appliance garage


Most common type of flooring chosen for the remodels:

31% Hardwood

30% Ceramic or porcelain tile

12% Engineered wood

8% Vinyl/resilient

8% Laminate

2% Linoleum


As you can see, kitchen remodels can be very involved and expensive.  Hope you enjoyed seeing what others who are in the process of doing a kitchen remodel have chosen.  Remember, kitchens sell houses and really are the heart of the home.  Info from Houzz


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