What is a buyer’s agent and why you need one now more than ever

February 27, 2017

It is always a good idea to have a buyer agent on your side when buying a home – but you need one now more than ever.  The market is TIGHT and new listings are often receiving multiple offers right away.  What is a buyer to do?

Get a buyer’s agent.

A buyer’s agent works for YOU, the buyer.  You sign an agreement which basically says you will work exclusively with them and in return, they work in your best interests.  In a tight market this is a great advantage.  You need to know about new listings FAST and know what is a good price to write.  Perhaps you will need some advice on how to deal with a fault found in a home inspection. A Buyer’s agent can help.


In the traditional home buying process, a real estate agent who is working with a buyer without an agency contract is, by law, working on behalf of the seller.  They will work with the buyer but are required to advocate for the seller’s best interests.  There are great benefits from having a buyer agency agreements!



What are the specific benefits of having a buyer’s agent?

  • A buyer’s agent can advise on, write the offer and draft offer provisions in your best interest.
  • A buyer’s agent can prepare an estimate of value for the property in question and express a professional opinion of the property.
  • A buyer’s agent can negotiate on your behalf throughout the transaction and recommend a course of action to get you the home you are competing for.

Both traditional agents and buyer agents have certain duties such as to treat you honestly and fairly, disclose “material adverse facts” and assist you in the process to closing. But a buyer’s agent has a legal obligation to dig deeper into any situation which might jeopardize your best interests.


Where can I learn more about First Weber’s buyer agency/buyer representation?

A discussion on agency will be one of the first conversations you’ll have when you talk to an agent. You can learn more about buyer agency here. You can find a First Weber agent here.

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