What buyers would do to get their dream home in a market with a shortage of homes for sale

July 4, 2017

Real estate is cyclical… prices go up and down as does supply and demand. This post from several years ago also fits perfectly today: Buyers have to move fast and make some concessions. The small supply of homes on the lower price ranges does not meet demand.

To what lengths will desperate house hunters go to snag the house of their dreams, and what are they most worried about? via Worried Buyers Would Take Desperate Measures in Today’s Sellers’ Market | Trulia Trends. Read on for the whole story.


By far, most buyers would let money do the talking and offer significantly over asking.

  1. Up their offer above asking
  2. Pay for some closing costs
  3. Write a letter to the seller describing what they like/why they want the house
  4. Get creative to make a 20% downpayment
  5. Remove contingencies such as the Inspection of Financing Contingency

This is a very interesting time in the housing market for Wisconsin.  Great opportunities abound for sellers, especially those looking to move to a more expensive house rather than downsize.  Buyers, though prices are rising, will still make out better than buyers who purchased a home with a sky-high interest home loan.


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