Winter Home Maintenance Checklist – Avoid Costly Repairs!

January 4, 2018

Fluffy snow and sparkling icicles may make for a winter wonderland, but they can also bring on drafts, fallen tree limbs and worse (hello, ice dams). Avoid spending your holidays handling winter-related disasters with a bit of preventative maintenance — we spoke with experts to get the lowdown on the best ways to prevent ice dams, frozen pipes and other winter woes.

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Source: Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist


Protect your entryway flooring
Stock up on emergency supplies and canned goods
Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors often
Take steps to avoid expensive ice dams
Brush heavy snow off bushes and trees
Keep up with snow removal – it will only get worse with time!
Prevent drafts with caulking, weatherstripping and draft dodgers in front of the doors
Have the fireplace serviced
Start dreaming of a vegetable garden & order seeds
Prevent frozen pipes at all costs – you don’t want the expense of actual water damage
Keep an eye (and  ear) on your heating system for any unusual noises

Stay safe and warm!

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