Moving tips to make your life a bit easier

So you found a new place! It’s all wonderful and exciting until you start to think about how much stuff you have.


via 33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier.

Pictured is an easy way to pack clothing right out of the closet, hanger and all.

Other great ideas include:

  • Taking a picture of the back of your electronics so you can remember how all the wires are configured for easy set up at your new destination.
  • Have a clear bin for your “need right away” items such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, food, snacks, drinks
  • Pack a change of clothes for all family members in an overnight bag
  • Wrap glasses and stemware in socks to save space
  • Label your boxes with the room they are for
  • Then number the boxes 
  • Use plastic bags to keep small items from things you have disassembled together ie. screws, bolt and nuts
  • Donate canned goods to a food pantry
  • Keep the coolers handy to empty the fridge, then clean/defrost it
  • Hire a sitter for kids or pets
  • Hire a cleaner to come in after you are out rather than do it yourself

PLUS, If you were renting, there’s your security deposit to think about. Take a picture of the place as you left it to help with any problems in getting that deposit back.


The actual MOVING part of buying a home isn’t that fun – it can be hard and heavy work.  BUT, setting up your things in your new home is very exciting! The more of these tips you take advantage of, the easier it will be to get unpacked.


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