7 things to do around the house this spring

March 22, 2018

Spring is technically here!  Buds are forming, bulbs are popping up in the yard and in most places, the snow is gone so we can now watch the brown lawn buried for months return to a beautiful shade of green.


As with most seasons in Wisconsin, some home maintenance is required to keep your property at its best. Spring is certainly no exception – especially with the spring rains.

Take some time in the upcoming weekends to walk around your property and take care of some of these home maintenance tasks for spring.

1. Swap the snowblower for the lawnmower.

Run the snowblower until the fuel tank is empty or add fuel stabilizer. Fuel up the mower and start it up to make sure it works when it is needed.

2. Check caulk around windows and doors. 

Our cold winters can do a number on caulking. Fortunately, it is easy to touch up. Close those gaps.

3. Check gutters, roof and downspouts

High winds can loosen shingles and also downspouts. Be sure to pay attention to any roof damage and have that fixed asap. Same with downspouts. Make sure they are: 1. clean and clear and 2. firmly attached and directed away from the house. If not, spring rains could cause big problems on your property.

4. Change batteries in alarm systems

It is a good idea to have a routine for changing batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.   Now’s a great time.

5. Tend to the furnace and AC unit

We long for the days we can open the windows and doors! But soon after that, many like the air to be on so make sure to schedule a service call for your AC unit, undo the cover, etc.  And, after your trusty furnace worked all winter long, take the time to change the filters.

6. Dryer vent

Like the routine for changing batteries, it is a good idea to have a routine for cleaning out the dryer vent.  Because who thinks about their dryer vent?  If you make this a routine task you’ll make your home a much safer place.

7. Garden cleanup

Some plants are left to stand over the winter. Time to trim those back to the ground and make way for the new growth.  Also, some shrubs are pruned in spring, too.   Take the rake or leaf blower and clean up any mess left in the garden beds. Is it time to order new mulch?


Happy spring!  See here for additional tips for around the house.

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