28 design ideas coming to a home near you

April 17, 2018

What’s popular in today’s houses? What are people adding/how are they upgrading their home? One way to find this information out is to follow the housing decor site Houzz, where people can save and ashare photos of projects they like.  Houzz did it for us and scoured through hundreds of pictures and posts to find out what ideas are the most popular.  Scroll through the slide show using the small white arrows and see a brief summary below.



Satin brass fixtures – a bit softer than “brassy” brass

Voice-activated home assistants – like Alexa

Unique vanities – converted from old furniture pieces

Laundry rooms going luxury

High Tech toilets

Interesting islands – in contrasting colors

Wainscotting – adding interest to bathrooms on a budget

Dutch doors

Walls of tile

Coffee stations

Storage – either a whole wall units or small spaces between wall studs


One of the greatest things about owning a home is doing what you want with it. Hope you found some ideas you like here. If you are getting ready to sell you will find good information here– or, you can always talk to one of our experienced real estate agents.


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