Things to do before putting your home on the market

April 30, 2018

Selling your home can be a lot of work – but the preparation is so worth it and you are doing all the right things:

You have talked with your agent and have gone over the local sales data and have an idea what you will list for.

You have organized your basement and stored things neatly in bins.

You’ve spent a lot of time cleaning the house and tending the yard.

What else can you do to make your home pop when buyers visit?

Minor upgrades to baths and kitchens.  Paint, new cabinet hardware, new towels, new faucets or light fixtures will go far.

Pay attention to your front door.  Is it bright and clean or covered in cobwebs? Get out a broom and brush it clean.  Make sure the front door light works and also make sure the doorbell works.  Little things are easy to fix so do it before putting your home on the market.

Look down. How are your floors? Do they need refinishing or steam cleaning? Do they squeak? This is definitely an area to spend some effort on.  Whatever you’ve got, make it look brand new.

Lighting. Change lightbulbs to a brighter wattage, consider changing light fixtures to something more modern.  Keep drapes/window treatments open.  Outside, make sure any exterior lighting, including motion detectors, are in working order.  Maybe add some solar lighting to the front walkway.

Wash the windows.  You’ve got everything clean, organized, light and bright.  Don’t ruin the effect with dirty windows. Decide if you will hire this job out or tackle it yourself.  It will be money well spent if you hire it out.

Paint.  Simple, inexpensive and very effective in presenting your home as fresh, clean and move-in ready. As long as you are making the effort, make sure you paint in neutral tones.

Garage.  Don’t neglect this important part of the house. Take the time to organize and clean.  Buyers will be looking for organization and space to be sure their things will fit.

Declutter. This goes for everywhere: put away collections/ knick-knacks, store some furniture, take things off the kitchen counters, go through closets and make them look spacious.  Buyers DO open closets and storage is important in any home.

Entryways. Put out fresh door mats, remove any “back door clutter” like jackets, boots, shoes, sports gear.

After you’ve got those items tackled, you are ready to hit the market running.  Remember to keep the home clean on an ongoing basis to be ready for showings on short notice.

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