Safety tips for Home Sellers

August 27, 2018

Part of the home selling process is allowing your home to be shown when you are not there, whether it be with an open house or private showings.  Sure, an agent will be present when you’re not, but it is still strangers touring your home. This post is just a reminder for your safety while selling your home.


This is especially timely right now since there is a recent article about thefts at open houses in the Middleton area. READ IT HERE



• First and foremost: Never shown a home to a buyer who knocks at the door out of the blue. Have them make an appointment with your listing agent.

• Hide valuables such as jewelry or artwork/collectibles that could fit in a pocket.

• Put prescription medicines  where they can’t be easily found.

• File all important papers in a locked file drawer or out of sight

• Secure any weapons stored in the home.

• Take or stow any portable electronics.

• After the open house or showing, check all windows and doors to be sure they are locked.


You may want to consider installing a security system- it could give you peace of mind while going through the process and be a selling point for the potential buyer.


Just one reason to hire a real estate agent to sell your home is safety. They are knowledgeable in how to pre-screen potential buyers, have experience in conducting showings, reading people and may have additional safety tips for you.  Talk to them if you have any concerns.


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