North Shore office raises almost $1,200 for First Weber Foundation with Trivia Night. #FWGives

October 8, 2018

The North Shore office had a potluck dinner and Team Trivia night to benefit the Foundation.  Participants paid $20 to be part of a team of which there were 8. Additional donations were accepted.


The Trivia Master was agent Danny Noonan who created tough questions in all sorts of categories: 

  • Name this rock group
  • RIvers around the world
  • Kurt Vonnegot trivia
  • Forms of measurement
  • Putting events in order in a history timeline
  • and more!

The winning team was the “Neighborhood Know-it-alls”


A great time was had by all who left well fed, happy and maybe a bit smarter.  Plus, of course, the Foundation now has almost $1,200 more to do good in our communities.


Nice work, teams!

See more about the First Weber Foundation The First Weber Foundation donates to eligible 501(c)3 organizations that benefit communities statewide.




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