8 things to avoid when selling your home

October 15, 2018

Selling your home in a busy market is a quicker process than while selling in a depressed market, for sure.  However, that does not mean you do not have to think about presenting your home as best as you can. Your efforts may amount to more money in your pocket, so take the time. 

Here are 8 things to avoid when selling your home:

Assuming your home looks fine as is

You are used to your house – others are not. The wall of family photos is precious to you but clutter to potential buyers.  Your figurine collection on display is not for sale, so put it away. Clean the carpets, paint the walls even if they look okay to you.  Fresh is best. You need to look at your home through a buyer’s eyes.


Not disclosing past problems

No house is perfect.  If you have had water issues in the basement before, disclose this and describe how you fixed the problem, if the problem ever resurfaced, etc.  Did you have a small roof leak 5 years ago that required patching? Disclose and describe how you fixed the problem.  Be honest at all times because lawsuits are not fun.


Staying for showings and open houses

You may feel you know the most information about your home – and you probably do – and feel you could provide helpful information to potential buyers.  The problem is buyers need to be able to walk through the home and feel free to comment, ask questions, without feeling that they may offend you.  Sellers may also speak too freely to buyers, revealing some information that could hurt negotiations.  Please let the agent do the showing and open houses by themselves.  Oh, and take pets with you if possible!


Pricing too high and thinking “We can always come down in price”

Activity is always highest when a home is newly listed.  You need to take advantage of that activity before it dwindles and your home sits with fewer showings.  Overpricing usually results in a price reduction anyway, so start off with the right price from the get-go.


Not clearing out your cupboards and closets

Cleaning does not mean stuffing things out of sight into closets and cupboards. These DO get opened and your secret will be found out.  Go through these areas and thin things out – donate what you no longer need or pack items away into storage bins.  Your goal is to showcase your storage space


Thinking price is the only important factor when evaluating offers

There are a few factors to consider when looking at offers – it is not just all about the price.  Maybe one offer is made for full list price but they have a home sale contingency.  Another offer could be $10,000 less but no such contingency and the ability to get to a closing quickly.  Think about your situation and what really matters more to you.  It is not all about price.


Using an abundance of fragrance

A pleasant smell in a home is welcoming but this does not mean floral air freshener sprayed in every room.  The old idea of freshly baked cookies or bread remains a good idea.  Consider citrus scented cleaning products or other citrus accents to bring a fresh, clean smell. Remember that person who wears way too much cologne or perfume?? Don’t be that person.


Over-improving your home

Keeping your home up to date is important to make it pleasant to live in and also easier to sell.  You really do not want to be the best, biggest, most expensive home in the neighborhood, though.  You want to fit in. Not many buyers want to buy a house where all the homes surrounding it are not as nice, are way smaller, etc.


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