What to do if your home is not selling

November 8, 2018

Your home is on the market, you prepared it well and now are just waiting with few showings and no offers. You think your house looks great and the market appears to be busy. You are a bit surprised and also frustrated. Keeping a house clean for showings is hard work!  What do you do?

Review your competition with your agent

Review the comparables again.  Is there new competition since you first listed? Are you still priced competitively?

Look at showing feedback

What did the people who toured your home say about it? Why didn’t they want to buy it? This is very important information to know. For showings of our listings, First Weber sends a survey to the showing agent asking for feedback.  The replies can be very telling. Some things we see are un-fixable, such as “Didn’t like the floor plan” or “Yard too small” or “Too many stairs”. Responses like those at least help you understand why your home did not appeal to certain buyers and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

Fixable situations

Other times, feedback can shed light on a problem or situation in your home that you can address and fix.  Comments such as “Strong pet odor”, “Too much updating for this buyer” or “Floors and carpet are a mess and deck needs replacing” are things you can consider taking action on. Work with your real estate agent to address some of the buyer comments and comments of the showing agents.  A good agent can reach out to the showing agents again to let them know some of the complaints or objections have been addressed and possibly get the buyer back to see the property again.

Update the photography, tweak the marketing

Take a good look at the pictures of your property. Can they be better? Is there something that you could show more of – like more pictures of the yard during different seasons if your yard could be a selling feature. Change the home description at this time as well. Ask for detailed reports on the digital marketing the agent has in place. Share the listing on social networks so your friends know it is for sale.


Update the price

Are you still priced in line with your competition? Has some of your competition sold? Visit some open houses or compare your property to others online.  Seriously consider a price reduction which should trigger another surge of showing activity and can refresh a listing that is lingering on the market.


If your property listing expires with your current agent and you would like to relist and see all that First Weber can do to get your home sold, please contact a First Weber agent near you. Our showing reports give sellers great insight into how the showings are going, we have a complete digital marketing system in place and experienced agents all across Wisconsin.

First Weber sells real estate throughout Wisconsin: Metro Milwaukee and Southeastern WI, South Central Wisconsin, Southwest Wisconsin, Central Wisconsin, Northeast Wisconsin and Wisconsin’s great Northwoods. You can start searching for Wisconsin real estate and Wisconsin real estate agents at firstweber.com


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