Six reasons to use an agent when selling your home

April 4, 2019

Selling a home is more involved that most people think. Much of the work, unfamiliar to most folks, is done behind the scenes.  Yes, a commission is involved with an agent, but their job is to facilitate your sale to net you the most money, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience or stress for you.

Here are six reasons hiring a professional real estate agent is important to sell real estate in Wisconsin today.

1. Pricing is difficult

Values are affected by condition, location and a moving target of inventory. A professional real estate agent can discuss the local trends with you and talk about how the inventory in your area may affect the value of your property.  Zillow doesn’t know your neighborhood! And what your neighbor sold their house for a year ago does not matter now.

2. Negotiating and professional advice are crucial

Want to deal with the Home inspector, appraiser, the buyer, the buyer’s agent, the mortgage lender, the title company?   Sellers need listing agents with strong negotiating skills to keep transactions together. Once an accepted offer is obtained, there’s much more coming down the pipeline before closing. Also, say you get multiple offers – how are you to know which is the best offer to accept? The highest price offer is not always the best offer.  Maybe you need to close quickly and an offer with no contingencies and a quick closing timeline seems very attractive. Your agent can advise on these things.

3. Mortgages and Financing got more complicated

Timelines recently changed and not working with a reputable lender can delay closings by days and have a domino effect on buyers and sellers involved. While the buyer chooses the lender they work with, agents are able to point out the importance of choosing a good one. Maybe not the time for an online, out of state lender… too much at stake.

4. Personal Safety

Selling your home yourself means letting strangers in your home.  Using a real estate agent removes you from such a situation.

5. Daily challenges – you already have a job

You have enough to do when selling without learning the job of a professional real estate agent.  Concentrate on preparing your home to show the best it can and get ready for your move. Leave the daily challenges to your Realtor.  They will communicate to you when needed, often sparing you much stress.

6. Finding the Buyers

Real estate agents are practiced in the art of finding buyers. They utilize the Multiple Listing Service, social networking, in-person networking and many also use national real estate websites for extra exposure. In addition, First Weber has a complete multi-media marketing systems for every listing. First Weber’s Front Runner system provides much market exposure to buyers, enabling them to call or text your yard sign. The First Weber agent is instantly notified of the call and can follow up right away.  The internet and yard signs remain some of the most popular and effective forms of real estate advertising and First Weber has a great system to handle that all, for every listing. Learn more about First Weber’s Front Runner multi-media program.

Bottom Line

You need a professional Realtor in today’s Wisconsin real estate market.  Studies have shown that selling with a real estate nets the seller more money. Please allow a First Weber Group real estate professional assist and guide you. Please contact First Weber if we can help you buy or sell Wisconsin real estate.

First Weber sells real estate throughout Wisconsin: Metro Milwaukee and Southeastern WI, South Central Wisconsin/Greater Madison, Southwest Wisconsin, Western Wisconsin, Central Wisconsin, Northeast Wisconsin and Wisconsin’s great Northwoods. You can start searching for Wisconsin real estate and Wisconsin real estate agents at

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