Declutter: Getting Rid of Unnecessary Things in Your Home

May 1, 2020

As life goes on, it’s natural that we accumulate more items in our home. Whether that be new clothes, decorative pieces for the house or newspapers, those items eventually add up. A lot of the clutter that piles up in our home are things we don’t even use or need anymore. A cluttered home can also cause us to be anxious. Here are a few places in your home where you can get rid of clutter as well as some common items you can toss.


  • Mail – This is definitely a common form of clutter for a lot of people. Some people have a hard time tossing mail that they don’t even need with the idea that they may need it in the future. Newspapers also can start to pile up with the intention we are going to go back and look at them. Do yourself and your kitchen a favor and toss all of that mail that isn’t necessary to keep around.
  • Plastic Silverware – Another common thing we tend to keep in our kitchens is unused plastic silverware. Why keep those plastic forks, spoons and knives when you have real silverware in your home already? If you really don’t want to toss them, take them to work to use for lunch if needed. Whatever you decide to do with them, get them out of your kitchen.
  • Storage Containers – How often do you grab a storage container for leftovers and can’t find the right lid for it, then throw that container back in with the rest of them? Why keep a container that has a missing lid? Do yourself a favor and toss any container that doesn’t have a lid to match.
  • Expired Food – This is something you should be taking care of regularly. Not only are we unable to eat expired food because it will make you sick, but it can also leave an unpleasant odor in your kitchen.


  • Dresser – The top of our dressers can become a dumping ground for a whole lot of items just like our kitchen counters can build up a pile of things. Get organizing containers for the stuff you do want to keep like your jewelry and clear up any unneeded items.
  • Nightstand – Your nightstand could use the same treatment as your dresser. Try to make a point of keeping it clear so you don’t have extra clutter in your room.
  • Closet – Our closets can easily start to overflow as we bring in more clothes and neglect to get rid of the clothes we don’t wear. Make a point to get rid of clothes you don’t wear as you bring new clothes in.

Home Office

  • Documents/Papers – Papers laying all over your desk can create a few problems. For one, it can make it rather difficult to find documents you need. Also, it can make it hard to focus when you have a messy work area. Having a filing system is a simple way to both clear your space as well as keep organized.
  • Loose Cords – With all of the electronics we use these days, it can create a mess of cords in our workstation. They often become tangled and can look messy. Try using zip ties to keep those cords together to give your workspace a less cluttered look.

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