Spring Cleaning Guide

March 5, 2021

Do you feel that? Spring weather is in the air! As always, the start of spring is a great time to do a deep clean of your home. Most of us have spent a lot of time in our homes over the past year and may have neglected some of our cleaning duties. Sure, you are probably still cleaning your home regularly, but we are talking about cleaning everything from appliances to ceiling fans. Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips on some of the places you will want to focus on.

High to Low

When doing a deep clean you should always start from the top. Dust is bound to fall toward the floor while cleaning those higher-up places, so clean from the top down so you don’t have to clean the floors twice. Vacuum up those cobwebs you’ve been ignoring and dust off the top of hard-to-reach places like cabinets and ceiling fans. Once you’ve taken care of that, give your floors a good scrubbing. Even with rugs and doormats, we track in a lot of dirt from the outside, so it’s important to give your floors a nice wash.


Have you looked inside your refrigerator or microwave lately? Chances are, it’s pretty ugly. Cleaning your fridge will take the longest, so you may want to start there first. Begin by throwing out any expired food you’ve decided to leave in there longer than you should have. Then wipe down all of the shelving and drawers. Once you finish with the refrigerator, clean some of the easier-to-clean appliances like your microwave and oven. Don’t forget about your appliances outside of the kitchen! Your washing machine should be cleaned so it doesn’t leave an odor on your clothes. You’ll also want to clean your dryer by vacuuming out excess lint that didn’t stick to the dryer filter. You may even need to use a brush to clean it all out.

Cabinets and Drawers

We already mentioned cleaning the tops of cabinets, but the interiors will need to be cleaned too. They may even need a little reorganizing (looking at you Tupperware drawer). Pick an organization system that works best for you, so you don’t need to reorganize your kitchen cabinets as often. You’ll also want to take a look at your drawers, especially your junk drawer. When we don’t want things sitting on our countertops, we sometimes fall into the habit of tossing them in a drawer that we can close just so that it’s out of sight. Well, those things add up over time and can make our drawers a mess. Similar to your kitchen cabinets, decide what’s the best way for you to organize them and keep them organized going forward.

Closet Clear-Out

We meet again, bedroom closet. Now is a great time to go through your clothes to decide what you actually need to keep. Haven’t worn a shirt in over a year? Let it go! Okay, maybe a year isn’t long enough, especially since we haven’t been able to dress up or wear our favorite clothing items very often during the pandemic. But there are bound to be some things that you know deep down you will never wear again. Start making a pile of what you want to keep, donate or just throw away. Your closet will thank you.

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