4 Things Homebuyers May Be Looking for in Their Next Home

May 26, 2021

When starting a home search, buyers have an idea in their minds of what they desire most. While most people have different lists of what they are looking for, some common things find themselves on the minds of buyers most often. Here are four of the most common things buyers may be looking for in their next home.


Location is important to just about everyone. It’s something we all need to consider for several reasons. For most working adults, their daily commute to work plays a big factor in where they will look for a home. Whatever the main reason, homebuyers desire location above many things.

Extra Rooms

This home feature may have historically been less important, but now it is more important than ever. With a big part of the population working from home, people are looking to have a home office. Some companies may be slowly bringing employees back to the office, but many other companies remain remote and could continue to stay that way in the future. Spare rooms have other great uses too, such as a playroom for the kids or even a home gym.

Updated Spaces

Outdated home features can be a turnoff to certain buyers. Most people aren’t a fan of dated features like colorful carpets or popcorn ceilings. A large number of buyers want their new home to be move-in ready and don’t want to spend the money replacing outdated features.

Backyard Space

Backyards can offer a lot of functionality to a home. No matter what kind of lifestyle a buyer has, a backyard is a great space for just about anyone. Whether a buyer wants space for a big garden, hosting guests or for kids to run around and play, a spacious backyard will fit all of those needs.

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