Summer Home Maintenance To-Do List

June 11, 2021

The first official day of summer is not until June 20th, though the hot temperatures we’ve had might convince you otherwise, you can start tackling the tasks on your summer home maintenance checklist! Not sure what should all be on that list? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips to get you started.

Check Your Home’s Exterior

Your home can experience wear and tear over time due to the elements. First things first, power wash the exterior of your house to get rid of dirt and dust build-up that can make your home look dirty. Then, check for any damages that may need to be repaired. You may also want to check your deck, driveway and any walkways to make sure they are in good shape as well. A couple other things you will want to do regularly throughout the summer is to make sure your landscaping is up to par. Make sure you take care of and weeds and mow your lawn so your grass doesn’t get too tall.

Check Your Home’s Interior

Once your exterior is all cleaned up and any needed repairs are taken care of, it’s time to make sure the interior of your home is in good shape! You can start with the easy task of checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly. Next, you will want to make sure your air conditioning is in good shape. You can hire a professional to inspect it for you, but you will not want to be stuck without cool air during the hottest days of summer. It may also be a good time to do a deep clean of your home and even your garage.

Keep the Inside Clean

Families are often busy, especially during the summer months. They are running out of the house then back in, so on and so forth. Prevent dirt, grass and everything else from being tracked into your home. Place a mat outside of your home so your family or guests can clean off the bottom of their shoes before entering your home. You should also keep a rug by the door where people can place their shoes when entering your home.

It’s Grilling Season

The smell of grilling food in the summer is unmatched. Before you fire up your grill, make sure to clean it! One of the top causes of grill fires is due to people not cleaning them regularly. Grease can build up over time so make sure you maintain a cleaning routine to keep your grill safe to use. 

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