A Guide to Painting Your House: Choosing Colors + Painting Tips

Color can have a powerful impact on how we think and feel when we enter a room. Certain shades provoke different feelings such as calm and soothing vibes or a more energized and inspired mood. Painting your house’s interior can take time and money, which is why picking out paint colors can feel overwhelming. Here is a guide that will help you find color inspiration, including how color effects our mood and will give some quick tips when it comes to painting your home.

Finding Inspiration 

There are endless options when it comes to paint color. Start looking for inspiration in items you already have around your house that you enjoy. This could be in artwork, décor, printed blankets or pillows, anything that you don’t get tired of looking at. Think of the spaces and places that you love and what colors are used there. The internet and social media are great resources with endless inspiration photos, a personal favorite is Pinterest.

Choosing Neutral Colors 

Picking out neutral colors can be difficult as there are so many different shades, try finding variations of your favorite colors that are muted with grey. Another option is flowing neutral colors throughout your house and then picking out an accent wall to add a pop of color to. Neutral colors can also be good for open floor plans since choosing radically different colors throughout can make a space feel choppy and small. It is always a safe bet to choose neutral colors to paint your house and add colorful décor.

How Colors Effect our Mood  

Bright, warm colors such as yellows, oranges, and reds bring a happy, and vibrant mood to a space. This is good for areas you want to feel cheerful and energized such as kitchens and entryways.

Blues and greens are often associated with soothing, calm, and peaceful feelings. Balancing blues and greens with neutral colors in spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms will bring a tranquil, personal retreat feel.

Neutral tones like brown, tan, and taupe will establish a sense of security that feels cozy and comforting. These colors will work well in living rooms, and places where you often gather with friends and family, giving a warm feeling. If you want to add some color, try a mustard yellow, muted olive, or muddied mauve for a similar comforting effect.

Shades of black and purple will evoke a sense of mystery and imagination. Deep dramatic shades such as charcoal and eggplant will create a cozy and intimate feeling. Lavender is also associated with calmness and sweet dreams which may be a good placement in a bedroom.

Sample Colors First 

You are definitely going to want to get samples of the paint colors you are interested in before committing. Paint colors are almost always going to look different on your wall than they did on a sample because of lighting. A good idea is to paint a sample board with colors you like and move it around the room to see what it looks like all over. Even the same color can look very different in various rooms in your house.

Quick Painting Tips

Once you pick out paint colors, comes the challenge of painting. Here are some quick painting tips to make the job a little bit easier if you decide to tackle it on your own.

– Use high-quality roller covers and brushes.

– Use painter’s tape.

– Remove the light switch and outlet covers.

– If there is hardware that is impossible to remove, apply petroleum jelly to the details you don’t want paint on and when you are finished simply wipe it away.

– Paint from top to bottom.

– Line your paint tray with aluminum foil; when you are done painting you can easily pour excess paint back into the can and have a much easier clean up.

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