Design Ideas For Large Spaces

Often people think about how difficult it can be to decorate a small room or space in your house. However, when you have a large room to decorate, it can be just as difficult and feel overwhelming trying to make every element fit cohesively. But it can also be fun to have the space to play with! Follow these decorating tips to make the most of your big spaces!

Create Individual Spaces & Zones

When you have a large space to work with it is best to identify several possible functional areas within the room. Examples of this could be a space for watching tv, a reading nook, and a media zone. You should arrange the furniture to create individual spaces that work together as a whole.

Divide the Space Up Visually

Divide up spaces and create zones by using area rugs, wallpaper, or furniture placement to create visually cozier spaces. You can use a sofa with its back to another space, a large bench, large lamps, and plants to divide up the spaces. Abstain from pushing your furniture against the walls, which may feel awkward but will create a better sense of balance in the room.


When you are working in a large space you want to avoid filling it with clutter. Make sure the décor flows throughout the whole area and that each element enhances the area it’s in. Go large with décor elements and larger-scale artwork, vases, and potted plants to complement the space. With smaller collections of items try to group them in threes to create a more visually appealing space.

Color and Pattern

Avoid using too many colors in a large room as it can feel overwhelming. A simple rule to follow is to keep large basic furnishings in neutral colors and add accent colors to enhance the space and bring cohesion to defined areas of the room. Varying the scale of patterns and textures will add contrast and interest.

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