Make Your Home Warm and Cozy This Winter

Winter is quickly approaching us here in the Midwest which brings long months of cold, dreary weather. This is a great time to change up the vibe of your home to radiate warmth and coziness to brave through the cold. Create a cozy oasis that you’ll enjoy spending time in whether you are by yourself or enjoying the company of friends and family.

Use Warm Colors
Think about adding warmth to your home through warm tones. Swap out textiles, accessories, and art with hues of rusty red, burnt orange, mustard yellow, or olive green which are colors to pair with neutral color schemes.

Get Cozy with Lighting
Use light fixtures in your home to create a cozy ambiance that emits a warm, soft glow. With the sun setting earlier, utilize lighting to make up for the lack of sunlight during the winter. You can rearrange floor and table lamps to brighten up the darker corners of your space. Switch out your bulbs for ones with warmer color temperatures for a noticeable change. Remember that ambient lighting from table and floor lamps gives a much softer feel than full-blast overhead lights and allows you to create different moods in your space.

Throw Blankets and Pillows for Layers
Layer some chunky-knit or seasonal patterned and colored blankets over sofas, chairs, benches, and beds. This is an easy item to swap out throughout the year, especially for an extra cozy touch in the winter. Chunky pillows that match your sofa are always a great option, a pouf of fur adds a warm touch. Try adding smaller, uniquely shaped pillows that highlight colors, patterns, and textures that express the season and your personal style.

Hang Heavier Drapes
Swapping out your light summer sheers for drapes with a thicker fabric is a great way to boost the coziness of your home but also bring a new feel into your rooms. You don’t have to break the bank making this swap plus heavy drapes help keep out drafts.  

Layers of Bedding
Introduce extra layers to your bed for the winter months and switch out sheets to a warmer fabric such as flannel or fleece. Switching to heavier bedding options is a great way to make your bed super warm and cozy. Drape a cozy throw or two at the foot of your bed and add some decorative pillows for some warmth and texture.

Incorporate Winter Scents
Add a nice fragrance to a room through a candle, diffuser, or plug-in air freshener. Warm scents like amber, cinnamon, pine, or anything woodsy and earthy are great for creating a cozy atmosphere.

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