Upcoming Interior Design Trends For 2024

January 2, 2024

We did the research on the up-and-coming trends in interior design to find what designers are predicting will be seen throughout homes in 2024.

Colors That Will Take Over in 2024


Browns will be a new statement color as we see more browns introduced into our spaces. Brown is a warm, rich color and a great neutral to layer with other colors. Stark whites and cool greys are being replaced with more warm, neutral colors. There will be many shades of brown seen from rich browns to chocolate, to deep golden wheat colors.

Deep Shades of Purple

Purple’s popularity has been slowly ramping up and we can expect to see it a lot this coming year. Steering away from lilac and mauve, we will see deeper shades like plum, amethyst, and deep magenta for a moody tone.


Blue can be found in any reputable color collection; in fact, many paint companies are choosing blue as the color of 2024. In the upcoming year, you will start to see tranquil ocean blues and even sea glass green featured throughout, more prominently in decorative materials and housewares.

Curves Meet Straight Lines

Source: Elle Decor

Curvy lines are all the buzz and designers say curvy furniture will peak in 2024. Curvy lines, whether used in sectional sofas, dining tables, or coffee tables promote soft, calm energy throughout the space.  This could be scalloped details on furnishings, the frame of a mirror, or upholstery details. Just make sure everything isn’t curved and mix in pieces with straight lines in the room to bring a mix and balance to keep the space interesting.

Out with the Old, In with the Bold

People are getting tired of playing it safe with neutrals such as white and grey and are finding value in having a unique space different from their neighbors. We will start to see more custom features and personalized elements throughout homes. Handmade tiles, custom bathroom vanities, architectural detailing, handmade elements, and bespoke lighting and window treatments will be used to create a feeling that the homeowner has something unique and special.

Timeless Style

Source: Forbes

This year it will be all about traditional detail and material mixed with sustainable features to create a timeless style. Even in modern homes, homeowners want quiet luxury by using brick, handmade tiles, arches, and rustic wood elements. Tradition doesn’t have to mean old. High-performance materials such as upgraded lighting and secret power outlets will be used throughout to make the space better and functional.

Appliance Garages

Source: Forbes

This fun detail has been around for years; however, they are resurging in popularity, and we will continue to see it into 2024. An appliance garage is a place to conceal kitchen appliances that normally sit on the countertop such as blenders, coffee makers, and toasters while keeping them easily accessible. This is commonly seen as a cabinet that sits on top of the counter, blending seamlessly with your other cabinets. Another popular choice is creating a walk-in pantry as an appliance garage. This feature helps declutter while incorporating more gadgets into the kitchen.

Texture is in

Source: The Spruce

High glass walls along with plain white walls are officially out. 2024 is all about the texture and brushed or hand-applied finishes like Roman clay or limewash. We are starting to see more texture in patterns and wood as people want to bring some action to their surfaces.

Trends can be a great starting point or inspiration for upgrading your spaces. Remember to stick to what you like and what speaks to your personal style.

Sources: Elle Décor, The Spruce, Forbes

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