Interior Design Trends This Spring

This spring we are seeing a burst of inspiration for refreshing our living spaces. We’ve found some of the latest interior design trends for you to add to your home this season.

More Color
This spring, we can expect to see tons of vibrance in homes as people are getting bored of neutral colors. We will see excitement and self-expression in bright paint, patterned wallpaper, and fun furnishings and accessories. If you are looking to add color to your home but are afraid to fully commit, start small. Try layering smaller furnishings and accessories with pops of color and pattern.

Exciting and vivid color palettes are in for the spring and the neutral trend is coming to an end – making way for more characterful tones. We will see less white, beige, and greys in homes and more pink, tan, clay, terracotta, peach, and stone, which work great to warm up any space. Keep an eye out for pastels, as the saturated, zingy tones are making an upgrade this spring to re-energize the home.

Eclectic Takes Over Minimalism
A more eclectic look including updated floral patterns with a contemporary design is starting to gain popularity over the minimalism trend. Maximalism will get a much more cohesive spin as these bold elements are tied together through carefully chosen color palettes. We will see lots of intricate patterns, bold colors, and an abundance of textures. The best way to work this design style into your home is to pick a cohesive color palette and pair patterns and graphics with wallpaper, textiles, and/or accessories. You will want to make sure these elements work by keeping key shades together in your color palette. We will not lose the touches of nature as we see less minimalism, natural elements will still be used in an impactful way, creating stylish design statements.

Antique and Aged Planters
Antique planters and vases are taking center stage in décor both indoors and outside on the patio. Try grouping multiple planters within one room to make a statement. To tie together bold colors, try matching a vase with a color in a wallpaper or a rug.

Glossy, Reflective Finishes
Glossy and reflective finishes will be making their presence known in the upcoming months. This works well in reflective coffee tables or lacquered trays which can help bring light into a space.

Playful Hardware
One simple way you can spruce up a space is by adding new hardware and drawer pulls to dull cabinets. You can expect to see more playful hardware throughout homes this spring. Large-scale marble knobs or bright colorful pulls are a popular choice.

Mixed Materials
Mixing and matching textures is a design trend we are starting to see a lot of and will continue to see. Combining contrasting textures adds depth, tactility, and a sense of personality to any space. One material that is on the rise is cork. Cork brings warmth, and texture, and is sustainable.

Dramatic Lighting
Lighting is becoming increasingly decorative in the design world. The right lighting can transform the look and feel of a space. Lighting can come in bold shapes, silhouettes, and textures. Create a striking focal point and captivate patterns of light and shadow by using cones, scallops, and domes to enhance the ambiance of a room. We will see lots of aged brass and patina bronze within the lights as well.

Sources: The Spruce, House Beautiful 

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