Get the big picture?

June 28, 2007

The internet, it seems, was made for real estate. You can get the big picture on Room sizes, mapping, open house information, directions – even driving directions from place to place – multiple pictures, virtual tours, online appointment scheduling… Does anyone look in the newspaper for real estate (or news)anymore? Why would you, unless you have a slow connection? (which I admit I used to have.) Even if people still use the newspaper, I would venture to guess they use it in combination with the internet. The paper may pique their interest with the basics: city, price, sometimes a picture. Enter the PIN found in the ad or search open houses by map at and voila. Information. Gather, review, contact us when you are ready. And we will be ready to guide you through the rest of the process.



But with all this information do you still need a REALTOR? A resounding YES. Finding the home is the fun part. Finding the right home is exactly like the phrase “the tip of the iceberg”. What your REALTOR does behind the scenes to get a transaction to a close is where the real work is done. Let a professional handle these details for you. When can the financing contingency be removed safely? Who is a qualified contractor for the addition you want to add on? What lenders are trustworthy and reputable? What kind of lending practices are fraudulent? What the heck is Title insurance and why do you need it? What is a short sale?



Again, finding a home is just the tip of the iceberg. Your REALTOR keeps their eye on the big picture for you.

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