Real Estate riddle: It’s one of few in Wisconsin and one of few in the nation. What is it?

July 5, 2007

The First Weber Group Foundation. Now, we’re not trying to boast… although we ARE proud. We’re trying to spread some good news – news you rarely see in the newspapers. Although news releases are routinely sent, press releases regarding The First Weber Foundation were not printed. Why not? It is not only news, but good news. With our new blog we have the ability to toot our own horn as neeed if the papers don’t deem our press releases newsworthy. So here it goes. This is VERY good for Wisconsin and we want you to know about it:

First Weber Group is one of just a few real estate companies in the nation to have a charitable foundation benefiting Wisconsin communities and charities. The Foundation began in 2006 and in its first year proudly gave more than $60,000. Monies raised come from voluntary contributions from First Weber agent commissions, owners, managers and employees and the focus of giving is on housing-related charities.

Some of the recipients include: Habitat for Humanity, Independent Living Inc., Sojourner Truth House, Special Olympics of Wisconsin, St. Jude Children’s Research Hosipal, MS Society and scores more. The Board of Directors of the Foundation also run a matching gifts program in which agents and employees can apply for dollars matching their own personal donation.

What I think is great is that the Foundation is SO new (just 1 year) and already doing so much good. So there you have it. Out first real horn-tooting on the blog. But honestly…don’t you think a little bit differently about First Weber Group now, knowing that we truly do give back to the state of Wisconsin and try to make it a better place to live? More information on the Foundation can be found here

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