When you think of it, it is awfully old fashioned….

July 19, 2007

Real Estate ads in the newspaper, that is. People want pictures, words spelled out in their entirety, ads you don’t need a magnifying glass to read. The change has been coming for some time in Wisconsin as brokers big and small build up their websites… knowing not only is it a better way for people to look at real estate, it is also more cost effective, more immediate and what the up and coming home buyers want. 

Evidence and articles regarding newspaper readership habits of young, future home buyers can be found in this link provided by Wisconsin based real estate software company Virtual Properties.

How exciting are these changing times!  There are so many new real estate technology products out there it is hard to know where to look first, but a broker of the future is what we will be. 

Remember curly fax paper? Remember when there were no fax machines at all? Remember when the internet was called the information super highway? Someday we will say too, "Remember real estate newspaper advertising?" 

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