MLS statistics 3rd quarter 2007, SE Wisconsin, show thousands of properties sold in a “slow market”

November 8, 2007

How much real estate is being sold in Southeastern Wisconsin these days?  From all the depressing news you read and hear, you may think very few homes are being sold and nobody is buying.

The truth is A LOT of Wisconsin real estate is being sold and the statistics prove it. Price right, sellers! Act now buyers!  Don’t be fooled into thinking that nothing is selling.  Prices might not be what they once were, but it is still very possible to buy or sell a home. See the following 3rd quarter 2007 statistics on SOLD properties as reported by the Metro Milwaukee Multiple Listing Service.

Geographic area Property SOLD as of Sept 30, 2007
SE Wisconsin MLS wide 25,001 SOLD
Metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin MLS wide 14,507 SOLD
Dodge County, Wisconsin

453 SOLD

Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin 249 SOLD
Jefferson County, Wisconsin 712 SOLD
Kenosha County, Wisconsin 1,814 SOLD
Manitowoc County, Wisconsin 838 SOLD
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin 7,821 SOLD
Ozaukee County, Wisconsin 956 SOLD
Racine County, Wisconsin 1,934 SOLD
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin 1,110 SOLD
Walworth County, Wisconsin 1,335 SOLD
Washington County, Wisconsin 1,546 SOLD
Waukesha County, Wisconsin 4,184 SOLD
LaCrosse County, Wisconsin 1,123 SOLD

We can help you buy or sell wherever you are in Wisconsin so if you are ready, please contact us at  We would be happy to provide real estate services to you, just as we are happy to be able to share information with you on the First Weber Group Wisconsin real estate news blog.

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