The Good News about Wisconsin Real Estate

June 5, 2008

From the Wisconsin REALTORS Association on their new campaign to boost awareness of positives in the Wisconsin real estate market…

"The fact is today’s real estate market, especially in Wisconsin, is full of great opportunities, if people take the time to look into it," said Mike Spranger, Chairman of the Board of the WRA. (and also a President at First Weber)

"There is no such thing as a single national real estate market, despite news reports that throw around lots of large, scary numbers and focus on the negative," said Bill Malkasian, President of the WRA. "But in Wisconsin, we have very favorable market fundamentals, especially in selection, price and interest rates."

"Our goal is to reveal the truth about how strong Wisconsin’s real estate market really is and encourage consumers to take a closer look," Malkasian said. "We think they will like what they see."

The positive spin campaign has been running since February, mainly online at sites such as,, and more.

Have you seen any of these ads?

Are you thinking of buying a home and feel better when you hear positive news about home buying? Lots of reports do say the second half of 2008 (we are almost there!) will turn around, meaning prices and probably rates will start to rise. So think about it!

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