Milwaukee made the list –

July 10, 2008

Cities where owning a home make sense.  This is an interesting article found at and a must read for renters considering buying real estate while the prices are low. 

Excerpts below…

"In 66 of the top 100 markets, you’d be in the black in four years should you buy a low-priced home today." (Milwaukee made the list)

"I wouldn’t want anybody to interpret this data as saying here’s where you should put your money," Pelletiere says. "What I am saying is, if you want to put your money into a home, these are the cities where owning makes sense."

Now I am no statistician and the following is not a verified fact, just a conjecture … but Wisconsin as a whole has been less volitile than the rest of the country and if the ranking here went beyond the "top 100 markets", there would be many more mentions of Wisconsin in the list. 

Are you thinking of buying and just waiting for what you feel is the right time?

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