What does Forbes magazine have to say about Metro Milwaukee? Don’t worry, it is good…

July 14, 2008

Positive national news about Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, is good news for all Wisconsin residents.

On July 9, Forbes listed Milwaukee as #9 in it’s "Best Cities for Young Professionals" list.  A number nine ranking puts Milwaukee ahead of other major cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta in terms of attracting top business talent of the next generation with economic opportunities.

Rankings were based on number of large companies in the area, cost of living, and the all important social characteristic… how many young unmarried people lived in in the area.

Quote below from Forbes

"9. Milwaukee, Wis.

Surprised to see Milwaukee here? Don’t be. It has the fifth-highest concentration of top companies in the country, by our count. And those jobs pay. Despite a below-average cost of living, salaries paid to professionals are comfortably above the national average, at $54,169. Sweetening the deal further, the city is in the top quartile for its population of never-married citizens between 20 and 35."

Read the whole article here at Forbes.com

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