Are you waiting on the sidelines?

July 29, 2008

Following are excerpts from a Small Business Times article on the real estate market in Wisconsin. Various brokers and Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS President Mike Ruzicka are interviewed, all sharing the general opinion that the market is leveling off and now is a good time to buy.  You can read the entire article by Andrew Weiland of the Small Business Times here.

"Buyers may not want to wait much longer to pull the trigger. Conditions could change and the market may not be so favorable to buyers within a year, Ruzicka said."

"The housing market in southeastern Wisconsin has actually returned the market to a normal level compared to the recent boom years, REALTORS said."

Are you waiting on the sidelines?  It takes a while to buy a home.  Most people do their research online before contacting a broker so start looking on now – there are listings from hundred of brokers across the state.  Another thing you should do to be prepared when the perfect home pops up is to talk to a loan officer about your loan options so you have a head start on financing.  Please let us know if you have any questions – or if you would like a particular subject covered in this blog.

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