What to expect when you call a First Weber Yard Sign…

February 20, 2009

You’ll get the unexpected!  Everybody is used to the typical real estate hotline. You call the sign, enter a pin, hear a recording, leave a message if you want to wait for an agent to call you back.  Those types of hotlines have been around for maybe 10 years now.


Technology has certainly changed in those 10 years.  And we’ve got a new Smart sign system to prove it.  It’s part of our Front Runner multi-media program.


Here’s how it works:  You can still call the sign and hear the details.  But since many buyers these days “want it now”, you can connect directly to the lister’s celll phone if you want.  We have heard several reports of callers doing so which have resulted in callers/buyers getting a personal showing of the property they called on the next day. First Weber agents are also able to call or text you back to see if you want more information or have questions. We understand that providing quick service is important to meet the expectations of today’s real estate buyer and our smart sign system gives us the opportunity to so this much more than the old system did.

If you have a web-enabled cell phone, which are certainly on the rise, you can request a multi-media tour delivered via text message!  Get audio and a presentation of the home right when you are standing in front of the house!  Very cool.  The system also works if you happen to be looking at a print ad.  Just call the 888# and enter te pin code in the ad and choose what you want to do.

Very soon, you can also TEXT the pin code to our short code eDATA.  There are more text messages sent than cell calls made these days – it’s the preferred mode of communication for many, and certainly for the younger home buyer.


We’re excited about our new Front Runner system, of which the smart sign is just one feature.  Take a look at this video and let us know what you think!



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