Greenfield, WI real estate sales data 2007-2009

June 2, 2009

In response to a reader question "Has the average price of homes in Greenfield,WI decreased in the last 2-years and by what percentage?"

These averages are taken from properties listed and sold thru the Metro Multiple Listing Service and may alter mildly when homes sold privately are included.
In 2007 – 221 SINGLE FAMILY homes sold – The average sales price was $197,972.  (Low 79,900 and high was $484,900).
In 2008 – 196 SINGLE FAMILY homes sold – the average sales price was $197,124 (low was 74,900 and high was $525,000).
So far in 2009 (thru 6/1/2009) – 50 SINGLE FAMILY homes sold – The average sales price is currently $179,577 (low $40,000 and high $300,000)
So to answer your question – 2007-2008 did not see much of a deviation – but 2009 has seen approximately a 10% DECREASE
Much thanks to Patti Jastroch of our Metro South office for providing the data in this post.
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